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About Us

COPIB (Community for Practice for Innovation in bio-inspired management) is developed and managed by espirl. 

espirl has been an integral part in to develop online Communities of practice. espirl delivers campaigns designed to activate passionate users in online communities of practice. It develops initiatives to promote the community of practice. The initiatives are measurable, predictable, and scalable. Promote dialogue and innovation. We develop and distribute information that’s consistent, relevant and provides value by broadening the community of practice. Development of a large targeted online subscriber base via online communications strategy and detail communication plans. Incorporate social networking elements as part of its very fabric.

COPIB's mission is to nurture and grow a global community of practiciners who are learning from, emulating, and conserving natures' genius applied to management systems and processes.  COPIB focuses on innovation in Bio-inspired management systems and processes, Social media, Complexity sciences,Leadership,Systems theory disciplines.


 Engaging professionals,researchers,practioners in tranformative systemic change in Bio-Inspired management processes and systems.

Implement methods,Tools and techniques to bring nature’s ideas into management processes and systems.

 Promote Innovation

 Fertilization of ideas and workarounds